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        Passage 7

        Think for a moment of your definition of persuasion. If you are like most businesspeople I have encountered. You see Persuasion as a relatively straightforward process. First, you strongly state your position. Second, you outline the supporting arguments, followed by a highly assertive, database exposition. Finally, you enter the deal-making stage and work toward a “close”. In other Words, you use logic, persistence, and personal enthusiasm to get others to buy a good idea. The reality is that following this process is one surefire way to fail at persuasion.

        Persuasion, in fact, involves demands-compromise. Perhaps that is why the most effective persuaders seem to share a common trait. They are open-minded, never dogmatic. They enter the persuasion process prepared to adjust their viewpoints and in corporate others’ ideas, When colleagues see that a persuader is eager to hear their views and willing to make changes in response to their needs and concerns, they respond very positively.

        1. What is the article mainly about? ( )

        A. How to successfully persuade others

        B. How businesspeople define persuasion

        C. Persuasion as an art

        D. Logic, persistence and enthusiasm

        2. When will a team member respond to the speaker very positively? ( )

        A. When the speaker is very confident and assertive

        B. When the speaker is very logic and data-supported

        C. When the speaker is open-minded and flexible

        D. When the speaker is knowledgeable and authoritative

        3. What is the main difference between the “persuasion” of most businesspeople and that of the effective persuaded? ( )

        A. Most businesspeople see persuasion as a straightforward process

        B. Unlike most businesspeople effective persuaders are willing to adjust their opinions and hear from others

        C. Effective persuaders are open-minded

        D. Most businesspeople are more assertive in their persuasion while effective persuaders are more friendly.

        Passage 8

        From: Gloria Richter

        To: Gunther Schmidt

        Subject: E-mails; staff lounge; communication problems

        Date: March 3

        There are some communication problems I wish to bring to your attention.

        1. Each day we receive a huge number of emails from colleagues inside the company and from overseas customers. Some are important many are not. My staff seems to spend all day checking and sorting emails, which is time-consuming and results in them neglecting other duties.

        2. My staff doesn’t understand why you got rid of the staff lounge after the takeover. They say that it seemed to be a good place to meet people from other departments and to exchange ideas. Most of them still have not met anyone from Sanicorp yet.

        3. A lot of middle managers are really confused about what they should report to. We know management are planning a reorganization but isn’t it time they told us what’s happening?

        4. What can be inferred from the email? ( )

        A. Gunther Schmidt is the new manager

        B. Gloria Richter is very dissatisfied with the present condition

        C. Gloria’s company currently underwent a restructuring

        D. Gloria Richter used to work for Sanicorp

        5. What is NOT requested by Gloria Rikchter in this email? ( )

        A. An efficient way for the staff to deal with the large number of emails

        B. More investment in the well-being of the staff

        C. Reopening of the staff lounge

        D. A clarification of whom the staff should report their works to







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