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        Finding a trustworthy supplier

        This is perhaps the most important step in your import business. A serious and dependable supplier minimizes any concerns on quality trust and disputes.

        There are a number of sourcing sites where you can find suppliers from massive directories. To find the right one can be a laborious task, but your work can be made easier by going to sites that screen supplier before they are listed-like Global Sources Online. Under their “verified suppliers” system, suppliers need to have company information and contact person verified and are visited 3 times in-person before being authenticated as a “verified supplier”. This also means if you pick and export-ready.

        Once you’re in contact with prospective suppliers, address all your concerns with the right questions. State your requirements to suppliers clearly-like product warranty key specifications and order terms. Alternatively some suppliers will provide product samples if you ask, and you can first test them yourself. If you’re happy about the quality o this sample shipment, you can order in bulk. If possible, try and attend a sourcing fair to test samples free of charge. Most sourcing fairs are organized around themes like “Clothing & Garments” or “Electronics”, so buyers like you can meet all the specializing sellers of the products you want.

        Factory visits and inspections

        China’s business environment is changing rapidly and you’d be surprised how much factories can develop in a year. If this is too much trouble for you consider appointing a local agent or third-party quality (3PQ) firm to inspect the factory on your behalf, get someone who speaks the language and knows local business conditions enough to make a good judgment. Most agents usually charge by commission from the amount of goods you import, and also inspect the output before it gets shipped.

        13.What is the target reader of this article?

        A. Foreign entrepreneurs

        B. Job seekers

        C. Fresh graduate

        D. Company employees

        14.Why should businessmen make use of the sites that screen suppliers?

        A. Because those sites can legitimize suppliers

        B. Because those sites are free of charge

        C. Because those sites can verify the suppliers’ legitimacy

        D. Because those sites can arrange factory visits for businessmen

        15.According to the article, which of the following is the right order of finding a trustworthy supplier?

        A. Go to sourcing sites-contact prospective suppliers-attend sourcing fairs-order

        B. Go to sourcing sites-visit factories-test samples-attend sourcing fairs-order

        C. Go to sourcing sites-contact prospective suppliers-state demands-test samples-order

        D. Go to sourcing sites-visit factories-state demands-test samples-order

        16.What can be inferred from paragraph 4?

        A. Hiring a local agent or 3PQ is most convenient

        B. Agents charge high prices

        C. One should inspect the factories personally

        D. Visiting a factory requires applications

        17.What may the author discuss later?

        A. His own stories about visiting China

        B. The quality of Chinese goods

        C. Why should foreign businessmen do business in China?

        D. Other important steps of doing business in China








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